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We have been working with Cave Creek Financial Associates since 2006. They have handled all of our bookkeeping and accounting during that time. Their skills are second to none and we can't even begin to estimate how much money they have saved us over the years. We would recommend their services to every business owner.

T.K.---Insurance Brokerage

Natalie has been handling all of my businesses' financial affairs since 2005. I trust her advice implicitly and she handles both my business and personal financial affairs. There is nobody better in my opinion.

B.C.---Owner of Multiple Businesses

We've used the services of Cave Creek Financial Associates since 2007. I was initially looking to just replace my bookkeeper, but Natalie helped us to streamline our processes, get our finances in order, and then act as our controller until she was able to help us hire the right person to work in-house for us. She's been there as an advisor and to provide oversight throughout the years and to assist in training financial personnel whenever we called. She's a godsend!

K.L.---Distribution and Marketing Company

We hired Natalie as an interim controller to get our start-up company off the ground. She and her staff developed all of our financial processes and controls to include implementing online cloud-based solutions and remote scanning of paperwork from multiple locations. In over 40 years of business operations, she is one of the best accounting people I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

R.P.---Restaurant Holding Company

Natalie and her people have handled my business and personal bookkeeping and accounting since 2009. For the first time in my career, I no longer need to worry about financial issues getting taken care of on time and correctly. I'd recommend Cave Creek Financial Associates to anyone that wants peace of mind in their accounting and bookkeeping.

J.P.---Real Estate Brokerage

So Natalie, I've gotta tell you...I'm not easily impressed, at all, but you blew me away with how quickly you caught areas that needed correction in my QB! You were quick, efficient, explained everything and knew exactly what needed to be addressed. I was beyond impressed! Plus you're so fun to work with, an added bonus!

I.R.--- Advertising Company

I thought I would let you know that yesterday my partner and I had a meeting about the end of the year push. I ran reports and he was FLOORED! He was sooooo excited about finally being able to see our personal and business finances separated. He actually said, "We are a REAL company now!" He was so impressed with your work. Anyway, thank you so much for your help this year getting us all organized.

M.W.--- Insurance Company

We hired Cave Creek Financial Associates to clean up a year's worth of accounting that hadn't been touched by a bookkeeper. Once they had completed their work, they saved us more money than we paid them in fees.
They are not only fantastic at bookkeeping and accounting, they helped to streamline our business operations so that we can concentrate on running our business while they handle the paperwork. We would recommend them to anyone looking for bookkeeping and accounting services as well as small business consulting.

D.F.--- Catering Company